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Group discount

What is our group discount?

pm4all offers a group discount for simultaneous bookings, to stimulate the enrolment of multiple participants per training course.

What products and services is a group discount for?

The group discount is valid for bookings as from October 1, 2009.

You can benefit of a group discount for the entire range of best practice training via open registration.
This campaign is only valid for training in Belgium and under no circumstances applicable on in-company training, self-study packages, consultancy assignments, books and/or software.

The group discount only applies when participants are booked simultaneously on the same training course and when the invoice address is the same.

The larger your group, the larger your discount!

Number of participants (*) Discount on participation (**)
1 participantNo discount
2 participants10%
3 participants15%
≥4 participants20%

(*) Participants must be booked simultaneously for the same training course.
(**) The group discount applies on the entire invoice amount excl. VAT (discount for all participants of the current booking).

Some examples

A company books 2 employees for a training course A of € 1112,00. The company receives a discount of 10%
The total invoice amount is not € 2224,00 but only € 2001,60 (discount of € 222,40).

When 3 colleagues simultaneously book for a training course B of € 1461,00, a discount will be calculated of 15%.
The total invoice amount is not € 4333,00 but only € 3725,55 (discount of € 657,45).

Training course C of € 1711,00 is given for 5 employees of an organization. A discount of 20% is calculated for the organization.
The total invoice amount is not € 8555,00 but only € 6844,00 (discount of € 1711,00).

How can you benefit from the group discount?

You don't have to do anything special for this, we do all the necessary for you!
When you reserve seats for a training course with our online shop, your group discount will be calculated in your shopping cart automatically.
When you contact us by telephone, e-mail or website and reserve seats for a training course, your group discount will be calculated on your invoice by our employees.

This discount is not applicable in combination with other campaigns and/or discounts, with exception of the early bird discount.
Annulation is possible, but makes the group discount invalid.

Contact us

For more information about the pm4all group discount, please contact us:
Contact our commercial advisors by telephone: +32 (0)53 417113, +32 (0)473 705907 or +32 (0)476 902733

(*) pm4all reserves the right to change the terms of this discount.