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The KMO-portefeuille

The KMO-portefeuille, you do good business with it!

The KMO-portefeuille is a measure of the Flemish government that allows you - as an entrepreneur - to receive financial aid for the purchase of services that improve the quality of your company.
These are that training and advisory services.

Who can benefit from this subsidy?

The enterprises which answer to the following conditions:
Small or medium enterprise (according to the European definition of an SME)
Free professions
An exploitation office in the Flemish District
An acceptable activity and legal form
Meet the needs of the legislation of the Flemish District
From the private sector (<25% government participation)

Approved service providers are also permitted to demand a subsidy when they are an eligible SMB and if they make an appeal to a third approved service provider.
Public service providers do not qualify for remedial measure.

How much subsidy can your enterprise receive?

The amount of financial aid you receive depends on the size of your enterprise.
A small enterprise investing in training and advice could receive 40% support, with a maximum of € 10.000 per year.
A medium enterprise investing in training and advice could receive 30% support, with a maximum of € 15.000 per year.

Small enterpriseSupport rate: 40%
Maximum support: € 10.000
Medium enterpriseSupport rate: 30%
Maximum support: € 15.000

Are you a small or medium enterprise?

The official size of your SME depends on the number of employees, revenue and balance sheet.

Employees Revenue Balance sheet
Small enterprise Less than
50 FTE
Less than or equal to
€ 10.000.000
or Less than or equal to
€ 10.000.000
Medium enterprise Less than
250 FTE
Less than or equal to
€ 50.000.000
or Less than or equal to
€ 43.000.000

An FTE is a full-time equivalent. An FTE is one full-time employee, two part-time employees, etc.

How do you apply for the subsidy for your enterprise?

The application, processing, granting and administration of the subsidy takes place in an electronic wallet for your enterprise.
Subscribing for this wallet and requesting the subsidy takes place on the (*) internet website.
While requesting your subsidy, you enter the approval number of pm4all: DV.O107876.

Do you need more information?

You may want to visit the Dutch website KMO-portefeuille (*) or dial the free number 1700.

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