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Qfor certified organization

pm4all gained for the second time in a row Qfor recognition for client satisfaction in 2012 concerning the quality of the training courses. After an independent audit pm4all gained an exceptional high customer satisfaction score of 96%. This recognition is valid for 3 years.

When a Qfor label for client satisfaction is awarded to an organization, this signifies that the company has been screened in the field of customer perception with a positive result:
In general at least 80% of the clients must be satisfied or very satisfied
All clients must at least for 80% be satisfied or very satisfied with the aspects under consideration

The different aspects of service which are evaluated, are: the planning, the execution, the project management, the reporting and the resources used, the trainers/consultants, the follow-up, the client management, the administration and logistics and the price-quality relationship.

Based on the survey the auditor could conclude that our customers were satisfied up to very satisfied concerning the services delivered by pm4all. The following results (max. score of 5) were reached:

General impression----574,58/5
Project management---11014,00/5
Reporting & tools----664,50/5
After sales----12-4,00/5
Relations management4---534,38/5
Administration & logistics1--1734,18/5
Price-quality ratio----844,33/5

You can find our Qfor certificate and read over the complete audit report here (Dutch versions).

The fact that pm4all now has the Qfor label has an important additional benefit for our customers.
For training you can appeal the KMO-portefeuille, also referred to as the electronic enterpreneurship portfolio of the Flemish Government, and training cheques for employees.
Concrete: your training course expenses are subsidized up to 50% by the Flemish Government.

Find more about the features and benefits of Qfor on the Management Information (*) site.

Agile PM™, PSM™, PMI®, PRINCE2®, MSP®, MoP® and P3O® accredited training organization and approved trainers

pm4all is concerning Agile PM™, PRINCE2®, MSP®, MoP® and P3O® training an affiliate from Lagant Management Consultants (*), an accredited training organization (ATO) for Agile PM™, PRINCE2®, MSP®, MoP® and P3O®, and as such authorized by the APM Group Limited (APMG) (*) to provide accredited training and organize and invigilate the official Agile PM™, PRINCE2®, MSP®, MoP® and P3O® examinations.

The APMG accredit training organizations and training materials that conform to certain technical and management standards, which have been carefully developed and agreed by the independent Examination Board. Within these accredited training organizations, only approved trainers can deliver the accredited courses. Also here technical and management standards apply.

The APMG's accreditation process means that all accredited training organizations have been assessed in their ability to provide high-quality Agile PM™, PRINCE2®, MSP®, MoP® and P3O® training material and to organize and deliver high-quality training courses. All accredited training organizations and approved trainers are formally reassessed on a three-yearly cycle as well as subject to ad hoc monitoring.

Find out more about training accreditation (*) features and benefits as well as the assessment
(*) on APMG's site (*).

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