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Our vision, mission and corporate values

Our vision

In the local markets and sectors in which pm4all is active, we want to be the reference on integrated solutions,
which support the entire scala of change initiatives.

A nearby and personal approach to our Benelux customers.
The reference
The preferred and reliable choice for customers, partners and employees.
Integrated solutions
A complete range which covers the entire cycle of change initiatives - including courses, support, resources and tools.
Scala of change initiatives
The support of all project, programme, portfolio and risk management activities.

Our mission

pm4all works with clients on tailoring its services in order to help the client’s organization to improve their project, programme and portfolio management capability, either through professional training or support of their own staff or by
using pm4all interim resources.

Our corporate values

pm4all works according to several values, which come back in all our work.
These are the demands we put on ourselves, the goals we strive for with a passion.
Based on the following corporate values, pm4all strives for an optimal result.

Passion for excellence
The main reason why pm4all was formed.
If our actions do not improve the success of business projects, then we will not take those actions.
Our clients expect and deserve excellence, as do theirs.
In all aspects of our services the focus stays on the needs and quality expectations of our clients.
With this pragmatic client-focused approach, the goal of pm4all is to exceed the expectations of our clients by using best practice methods, processes and techniques.
Continuous development
Can true excellence be attained?
We believe that we should aim for it, but recognize that it is rare to find perfection.
Is there a day when you don't learn something new?
We work toward excellence by putting collective goals ahead of personal interests.
pm4all works with others, sharing expertise and ideas, creating flexibility and a cooperative nature towards the needs of our community through our working partnership with other training, consultancy and software providers.
We are an organization that operates in an ethical and credible manner.
pm4all behaves with integrity and professionalism in all aspects of operation.