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Continued business justification

The principe

A PRINCE2 project has continued business justification.

A requirement for a PRINCE2 project is that:
There is a justification to start it
The justification remains valid the entire project lifecycle
The justification is documented and approved.

In PRINCE2 this justification is described and actualized in a Business Case. As a project is inevitable linked with that Business Case, all project decision points should be aligned to the business objectives and expected benefits.

Although there should always be a justification for a project, the justification may change. It is therefore important that a project remains aligned with this changing justification.

If, for a certain reason, a project is no longer justified, the project should be stopped.
Stopping these projects is a positive contribution to an organization and ensures that the remaining budget and resources can be reinvested in other, more wortwile projects.

Even obligatory projects have the need for a justification of the chosen option.
After all, each option brings other costs, benefits and risks.

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