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Manage by exception

The principle

A PRINCE2 project has defined tolerances for each project objective in order to define the limits of delegated authotity.

PRINCE2 enables appropriate governance by defining distinct responsibilities for directing, managing and delivering a project, and defining each level's accountability.
Accountabiliy is established by:
Delegating authority from one level of management to the next by defining tolerances for the objectives (time, cost, quality, scope, risk, benefit) of the corresponding level of plan
Setting up controls so that in case of an expected exceeding of tolerance, there is an immediate escalation to the next level of management for a decision on how to move on
Arranging an assurance mechanism so that each level of management can be confident that the above controls are effective.

The implementation of management by exception provides an efficient use of senior management time, without removing their control.

Used sources

Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2, 2009 edition