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The 7 themes

The themes

The PRINCE2 themes describe the aspects in project management where continuously attention is required. The strength of PRINCE2 is the way the 7 themes are integrated. Each theme is handled specifically by PRINCE2 and is carefully designed to link together in an effective manner.

The 7 themes:
Quality - What?
Plans - How, how much and when?
Risk - What if?
Change - What is the impact?
Progress - Where are we now, where are we going and should we carry on?

The PRINCE2 processes address the chronological flow of the project - with activities focused on different themes mixed together. The PRINCE2 themes highlight the logical thread of each theme, with detailed guidance about the different process activities.

Applying the themes

All 7 themes must be applied in a project, with the understanding that they must be applied according to the size, the nature and the complexity of the project concerned.
In complex and risky projects detailed documentation and formal use of processes may be necessary, whereas brief presentations and informal use of processes might be enough for simple and low-risk projects.

Used sources

Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2, 2009 edition