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What is our Self-study?

Our Self-study is a form of e-learning. E-learning is a term that describes learning done at a computer, connected to the internet, giving people the opportunity to learn almost anytime, anywhere.

We offer our self-study as a CBT (Computer Based Training) and an Exam trainer.
While the Exam trainer focuses on deepening of knowledge and examination preparation, the CBT (Computer Based Training) will focus on the background, principles, structure and practical use of the method.

Access to our Exam trainer is only available as part of a training or self-study.

What benefits will you receive from our Self-study?

Learner-centered, personalised to the individual while learning is self-paced (not too slow, not too fast)
Flexibility, delegates can access training anytime, anywhere
Cost-effectiveness, participants can learn and practice as often as they need
Variety, hundreds of sample questions are available instantly, covering every aspect of the training
Measurement, participants can easily track their records and levels of improvement
Increased motivation, e-learning provides a level of responsive feedback that has proved to be highly motivating

Which training courses are currently available via our Self-study?

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